We had a kite-themed birthday for Nate this weekend.  I was very proud ofimg_8917.jpg myself for this cake!  One for actually decorating something and Two for a good idea out of a SQUARE cake!  I know my limits, and this time worked within them.   


Nate’s parents bought him a nice delta-shaped stunt kite, that’s one with two strings, but you can see from his blog it was hard to get up today.  The kids also got him a very colorful dragon kite with a very long tail that they are in love with. 


 Shana is always making kite shaped things and this was her card for Daddy.  She wrote Happy Birthday Daddy on both sides, all the way down the ‘tail’ because she pictured the card hanging and spinning, so that everyone could read it from any side. 


Happy Birthday to Ben as well!