Shalom! and Happy Hannukah to all!  Today included some of what all good holidays must include:  cooking!  I watched my cousin Craig make the latkes last year and I think picked up something useful, these were the best I’ve ever made I think almost as good as Craig’s!  Thanks Craig! img_8906.jpg


Shana was a great helper today, she set the table beautifully and also artfully sprinkled paprika on our gefilte fish.  (I don’t think gefilte fish is a traditional Hannukah food, necessarily, but since I only got to buying the candles TODAY I picked up this treat too. )   


 Of course our evening was begun by lighting the candles.  We also bought some new dreidles today and played with those lots too. 


For more information on Hannukah try 

 Good  night!  and Happy Hannukah!