Here it is, in full color!  The lowdown on Shana’s Birthday Beach Party. 

img_8386.JPG       We laid down an ‘ocean floor’ in the basement, after clearing out everything else, so we had a huge space to ‘swim’ in!  The kids loved it, running around in circles saying ,”swim swim, swim swim!”  Vanilla loved it too, and the balloon ribbons too! 


 The girls started out the party in their dresses… (and yes, every one of the 4 girls had at least one tooth missing!)


But soon changed into Shana’s swimming suits!  Good thing she has four! 

 We played “musical beach towel”, where the girls ran around the beach towel while the music played, then

  had to jump onto the towel when the music stopped!  It got smaller and smaller until we all dissolved into giggles. 

  We also played “Pin the coconut on the Palm Tree!” 

And of course, opened up the gifts! 


The pièce de résistance, the Sandcastle Cake!  Nate, of course, was the chef and cake decorateur extraordinaire.

Shana said to me, “Mom, that was the best birthday party ever!”