police-car-lightsweb.jpgApparently if you’re on the phone with the HealthLink nurse and you mention “shortness of breath” and “chest pain,” you get transferred immediately to EMS.  And EMS doesn’t ask you if you’re okay, they ask for your address and could you please unlock your front door in case you’re unconscious when the paramedics arrive.  Two minutes later (this is 1am) there’s a firetruck and an ambulance at your door, a crowd of people in your living room, and a dozen wires from your chest and legs to their portable EKG.

I’d called HealthLink thinking I may have pneumonia and wondering if I should wait until after Thanksgiving to go see my doctor or whether I should go to emergency.  They just got a little sidetracked with the chest pain business.  So after the paramedics decided my heart was fine I took advantage of the situation to get a ride to the hospital.  But even there the chest pain played in my favour, as I got a bed immediately.  Their tests also showed my heart was fine, x-rays showed my lungs were okay too, but blood tests show I’m “definitely fighting some kind of infection.” 

The doctor said it may be what he called “atypical pneumonia,” but that it was likely viral so all I could do is get lots of rest and expect it to hang around another few weeks.  He prescribed a short dose of antibiotics just in case, because that’s what doctors do the cough has been going on for three weeks already.

I took a cab home at 4 am and when the kids woke up in the morning they had no idea all the excitement they’d missed.