Woohoo!  I just got the green light from GEO-SLOPE to do a corporate blog.  I’ll be blogging about GeoStudio from a non-engineer’s perspective, showing tips and tricks on how to make the most of our software.  Download our free Student Edition, read Grokking GeoStudio, get yourself a coffee and a geotechnical PhD, and you’ll be building dams in your back yard before you can say “factor of safety”.

Why, I hear you ask, would GEO-SLOPE want me, a non-engineer, to write a blog aimed at engineers?

  • To show the UI side of the software.  Engineers tend to talk about engineering problems, but it’s obvious from watching and talking with our customers at workshops and conferences that there are lots of hidden features that would let them use it more smoothly if only they knew what to click.  Sure they’re all described in the online help, but who reads a manual?!
  • To show our human side.  A blog is a great place to show that there are real people behind the cold corporate facade.
  • To experiment with blogging.  We may decide to do more in this area, but we’re just getting our feet wet.  We need to figure out how comfortable we are with this medium, and learn by experience whether we prefer an “unofficial” vs an “official” blog, how much control or freedom we want the blogger to have (can I talk about upcoming features? can I talk about a competitor? can I say bad things about our software?), and so on.
  • To provide quality external links to our web site.  A web site will tend to show up higher in search results if other sites are linking to it.

Our October newsletter will be going out next week to around 36000 addresses with a link to Grokking GeoStudio, so we’ll quickly see if this is something people like or not.