Shana and Kenan and I are having fun this weekend with ArtRage 2, a great piece of software for the Tablet PC that lets you paint on the computer.  It’s designed to be as close to real life as possible.  You can see the lines from the paint brush, paint colours mix and smear if you touch them before they’re dry, and because this is on a Tablet PC you’re painting by touching a stylus directly to the screen rather than moving a mouse, so it’s a very natural feel.  Mom, if you get yourself a Tablet PC, I’ll buy you this software.  🙂

Here’s a girl flying a kite on a nice day (note the bunny rabit watching).  Mostly me with some additions from the kids.  Then Shana did her own kite scene but made added some lightning.  And finally a sleepy moon.  The main problem we’re having now is a lack of imagination to even think what to try next!  Any ideas from you artists?