img_8186.jpgShana took part in her first day camp experience last week, called Avalanche Ranch at our church.  It was high energy  learning about God, and tons of fun.  It ran all day, from 8:30 am til 4.  Shana absolutely loved every minute of it.  It was for kids entering 1st through 6th grade, so she was the littlest, but she and all her friends did really well.  They also slept really well! 

We went to go see what they had been doing on the Thursday evening. 

In order to encourage kind behavior with so many kids in a small space, (the weather was pretty cool all week, so they spent time inside) they gave out “Cool Cows” for those who did something nice or kind.  Shana got a cool cow for always being willing to help out, and here she and Kenan are saying “Cooooool”


One of their projects was for each grade to make a fort out of cardboard boxes.  Monday they set it up and each successive day they added something to it:  coloring, streamers, signs, a fire inside (cardboard) etc.  Theirs had an escape tunnel, here Shana is exiting and Kenan is taking his turn. 


Shana made a new friend there, her name is Emma:  Here they are roasting pretend marshmallows by the fire. 


The whole camp sang the songs they had been learning both on Thursday evening and at church on Sunday.  As if we hadn’t been hearing those songs all week when Shana was home! 


She is already looking forward to next year!! 

I do want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who put this on, it was amazing.  The leaders were all great, the craft people, the snack people, the sign in at the door people, I was very impressed and loved the fun times I could enjoy with just Kenan all week.