img_8212.jpgIt’s a rainy day today.  In most of the world this would be a steady drizzle, but for Calgary it’s pouring buckets!

The kids are in the basement watching an Esther movie.  Helen is taking a nap.  Soirée is all in a hissy because it’s her turn to be locked in the basement.  Vanilla is exploring the upstairs.  She’s one lucky girl, because last Thursday when they were preparing to spay her, they discovered she was already spayed!  So she got a tattoo, claws trimmed, and some followup shots, and got to come right home.

Interesting aside:  Vanilla’s colouring is called “seal point“, the most common Siamese colouring.  “Seal” refers to the shade of brown, and “point” refers to how the shades are distributed, with darker face, ears, paws and tail.  The reason for the colour distribution is actually fascinating, it’s because of a chromosonal (or some similar word) “defect” that makes siamese cats “almost” albino.  Their hair colouring gene stops working at warmer temperatures, so the core of their body is white and the extremeties–which are slightly cooler–have colour.  Siamese kittens are nearly uniformly white because of the uniform warmth in their mother’s body, but start developing the “point” colouring a few weeks after birth.  And Siamese cats kept in northern climes are generally darker than those that live in warmer areas.