There is a tourist trap along the highway in South Dakota called 1880 Town, and we spent an hour there and really enjoyed it.  It is not that professional but they had lots of nice old stuff to play on, and some great photo ops.  Shana absolutely loved typing on this old “computer”!   


We made the kids try to figure out what this was, until another tourist came by and asked them if they were good firemen!  I’ll try to find another picture so you can see the big tank in the back, the kids thought it carried milk.


I wouldn’t trust my money in this run down old buggy!  But my kids?  Yeah, let them climb in it! 


Watch out boys, Kenan rides again!


In Rapid City there is a place called Storybook Island, a great fun place with all kinds of statues and play structures from fairy tales and nursury rhymes, with some Disney thrown in too.  And it’s free!  or by donation only.  We were very impressed.  The train ride was a hit. 


Kenan is holding Eyore still while Christopher Robin fixes his tail. 


Palm Tree Grandpa has a visit with an old friend. 


Shana’s favorite was having Palm Tree Gramma recite to her, over and over again, “There was an old lady who lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.  So she gave them all broth without any bread, kissed them all soundly and sent them to bed.” 


My little princess.