Agi was in town last week, courtesy of her mother buying her a plane ticket back to visit, and we were blessed by getting to see her for a day.  She is doing really well in Budapest, has a great job at , an apartment, no boyfriend, sadly, and her newest baby is her own washing machine!  Apparently they are fairly expensive and there are no laundromats, so she is happy not to hand wash anymore!  Her favorite baby, her ferrent Vincent, is still doing well but has gone gray. She loves him ever so much and they are best of freinds.  You might think that sounds crazy, but if you know Agi, you know I am stating the factual truth! 

Here Agi had a little storytime with the kids. 


They are playing in the basement, Shana is wearing her Halloween butterfly costume because she wanted to show it to Agi. 


Of course we had to give her presents and the kids were just thrilled with that.  We bought her a TY hedgehog…yes, she loves hedgehogs.  And of course made her piles and piles of homemade cards and drawings to wallpaper her apartment back home. 


One of Agi’s gifts to us was real, Hungarian paprika.  I used it right away and made Chicken Paprikash, which you can find in our cookbook if you have one, and it was just as delicious as when Agi made it for us.  However, it took me literally 5 hours of work in the kitchen to create it!  And all that red sauce, plus messy cook Helen, made for a lot of mess to clean up. 

(Disclaimer, I started with one, whole, chicken, about double the size of what is called for in her recipe.  If I had started with chicken pieces, and less of them, it woudl have taken much less time.)

Grrr at WordPress, pictures coming in next entry!