img_7853.jpg  These trees, planted by Pa, did last a hundred years.  The 6 he planted right in front of their shanty (as told in the books) did not last or maybe never were planted there. 

img_7845.jpg Riding on the horse drawn wagon, Kenan got a chance to drive Barnum and Skip.  (Dad, my Dad Golub, if you remember the books I know you will ask the same question I did:  Are Barnum and Skip original or reproductions?) 

img_7836.jpg  They made corn cob dolls and their own rope. 

img_7835.jpg  Shana’s corb cob doll is named Susie, sort of after her Aunt Susie and Laura’s corn cob doll named Susasn, after Black Susan her cat. 

img_7824.jpg Kitties in the attic of the barn. 

img_7797.jpg Lost in the slough grass.  Slough rhymes with blue.  It’s a marshy wet area with tall, thick grass. 

img_7793.jpg  Slough grass model.

img_7792.jpg It was actually taller than Nate’s head! Laura got lost in the slough grass with Carrie and wandered around for hours, hot and sweaty, until they saw Almanzo atop his hay wagon and found their way out. 

img_7789.jpg View from the horse drawn wagon.  At the Ingalls Homestead it takes you to the schoolhouse. 

img_7766.jpg Making rope.  One person pulls hard….

img_7764.jpg One person walks along with a contraption that winds and twists the rope…

img_7761.jpg And another person turns the crank.  Your own rope! 

img_7759.jpg  Is Almanzo coming with his buggy? 

img_7726.jpg  Playing in the gift shop.