To set the record straight, Fully 5 of Laura’s 9 books take place in or near De Smet, SD. They have a lot of nice things there for the Laura enthusiast to enjoy.    

The pictues below are at the Ingalls Homestead or from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society.   I’m having some trouble with this editor so the pictures are not in the order I would like, so please make the best of it. 

Water fascinates, in any age A working pump. Water is fascinating in any age. 

School will Come to Order School House. 

The Miniature Horse was named Star.Kenan’s first ride on a miniature horse (he’s never ridden on a pony either.)  He loved it and did great!  He didn’t yell or scream or scare the horse.  Good boy! 

Rides on a Miniature Horse Shana has finally come into her own and this is also her first pony / mini horse ride.  I was not worried about her scaring the horse, but a few years ago the  horse would have scared her! 

The Brewster School A replica of the Brewster school, the first small school Laura taught at. 

Laura’s “Little House on the Prairie”  THE “Little House on the Prairie”  Well, a replica, claim shantys were not built to last a hundred years.  This view is from the back.  The left part with the door in it is the ‘sitting room’ that Pa later added on to accomodate Mary’s organ.  Previously the 6 of them lived in just the smaller part, a back bedroom and front kitchen / dining / sitting room.  How they fit two rockers in there, not to mention not going crazy, is beyond me. 

The Surveyor’s House  The surveyors’ house, from By the Shores of Silver Lake.  The real one, now sided, I’m not sure if it was moved to this location or was here already.