Uh oh.  I figured I just had a bad unit, but Daryl had the same experience with his DHP-300/301s, and his readers did too (read the comments).  Now I’m worried.  I’ve got an RMA from D-Link so I’ll be returning mine and getting new ones (the customer service rep said they’d pay for my shipping, but the RMA rep said they wouldn’t so I’m fighting that at the moment), but Daryl’s commenters had multiple RMAs, and their units seemed to last around the same length of time as mine:  five weeks.  Crossing my fingers!

My buddy at work has a similar system from Sling Media called the SlingLink.  His has been up and running with no problems for ten months or so.  If my next DHP-300 dies, I think I’ll switch to Sling.  Or move my computer to an ethernet jack.

[20 July update here]