img_7491.jpgThursday, June 21st, Kenan woke up on his birthday with the croup.  So we didn’t do anything for his birthday.  The next day was about the same, but at least he let me catch up on my sleep Friday evening!

By Friday night Helen was feeling sick too.  We uninvited Mattias (a four-year-old friend of Kenan’s) we’d invited for a Saturday party but decided to party as best we could as a family anyway.  So Helen and Kenan slept all day, and Shana and I had some fun decorating.  (To give credit where it’s due, none of our decorating could have happened if not for super-organized Helen who had everything planned, bought and ready days in advance!)

img_7503.jpgKenan had asked for a rocket ship birthday theme, so we drew and glitter-glued a huge 8-foot rocket, hung stars and moons on a big dark blanket across the living room window, covered the table with a black tablecloth, Helen picked up a couple dozen black and silver helium balloons, and made the cake into a rocket too. 

He was just as excited about all his gifts:  Buzz Lightyear pyjamas (“Mommy, can I really sleep in these tonight?”), a baseball mitt (with velcro so the ball sticks) and a soccer ball (a real one!).  He and I spent what seemed like hours throwing the baseball back and forth–he throws it straight and hard and even lifts his (wrong) leg to wind up, I have no idea where he learned that–and then a few more hours kicking the soccer ball.

Despite the croup, it was still a happy birthday!