img_7368.jpgI’m taking two weeks of holidays from my regular job to work on this, well, irregular one.  And the daily routine isn’t too shabby!  I get up a bit later than usual, around 6.  Get a couple of hours of work in while the rest of the house is sleeping.  Join the family for breakfast, then back to work for a good three- or four-hour chunk.  Another break for lunch and to stretch, then Helen goes down for her nap (yes, that’s my wife, not my daughter) while the kids and I hang out, do some dishes, play in the yard.  Then I put Kenan down for his nap and get another three or four hours of work in before supper. 

All in all I’m still getting in an eight-hour work day but it’s more split up, with family time every couple of hours to remind me what’s important in life.