So it’s Sunday morning, and since Nate was up late playing on the computer, he slept in while I made breakfast for everyone, including the cat, and generally took care of everything.  When it comes time to leave for church everyone is ready except I’m still in my bathrobe.  I suggest to Nate that I drive separately, then I can run an errand as well after church and not have to drag evryone along.  Yes, Luke, I know it uses unnecessary gas, and gas prices are higher than they have ever been, ever, but our church is pretty close.  Great idea, Nate says, and takes the kids to church.  I finish getting dressed and prepare to leave…but I can’t find my keys.  I look everywhere I could have left them, and look again.  Think, Helen, think!  Where did you go yesterday?  Nowhere.  Friday?  Everywhere!  I could have left them at Stephanie’s birthday party Friday night, lost among the 30 shoes at the door.  We were at Butterfield Acres on Friday, maybe the goats ate them.  Hmmm…maybe they are in the diaper bag with Nate at church!  I call Nate on his cell, no answer.  My cell, no answer.  I wait a half hour and try again, Nate is in the lobby looking for me.  What a nice guy!  Yup, there they are, under Kenan’s extra underwear.  We decide it’s not worth coming back to get me and I am happy to enjoy a couple hours of peace and quiet, all by myself.  That errand can wait until this afternoon, after I recover my identity.