My last post recommended you download the latest evaluation of GeoStudio 2007.  Now here’s some fun homework you can try with it.  This analysis demonstrates exciting new features in this version of GeoStudio.  It would have been impossible to create this model in earlier versions.  It also proves that one of our engineers, Greg, and our CEO John can have fun in their spare time!

Download this QUAKE/W model, and open it in GeoStudio.  Choose View – Movie from the menu.  Click Select All, then Create Movie…

[Hmmm, that download isn’t working at the moment.  I’ll fix it later.]

Or skip all that and just watch the movie here:

For those who wonder how this is done (and why we don’t license the technology to Pixar):  we’ve put a time-dependent boundary condition on the fish’s mouth and another on the fisherman’s hand, each with randomly changing x and y displacement, and fixed x and y displacements on his feet and in the water.  The line and the rod are beam elements, which can flex in reaction to the motion of the fish and the hand.  The fisherman is really just a big pile of dirt.