Last night I pulled my first all-nighter since freshman year at Calvin!  In fact mid-way through freshman I decided all-nighters were way overrated, and that whatever studying or assignments were not done at midnight were not worth losing sleep over.  But I broke that rule last night, working from 6 am to 6 am with only a four-hour break at home to have supper and some kid-time.  Discovered that the AC at the office turns on at 4 am.

Today is LAUNCH DAY for the next version of GeoStudio 2007, which we’ve been working on for the last several years.  In fact the previous version (GeoStudio 2004) was released three years ago to the day.  Last night we were madly finishing up the last topics for online help.  (It’s okay to write online help on limited sleep–if we were fixing major bugs at 4 am the night before launch, you’d be right to be worried!)

Right now the code is being built and run through a barrage of automated tests, with a few manual tests thrown in for good measure.  But this is the end of a long period of testing and bug fixing, so it would be very surprising to find anything unexpected in today’s tests.  If all goes well we’ll have the final bits in place and approved by mid-afternoon, and the first paying customers will have it in their hands by overnight courier (or sooner if they want to download it). You can try it out too!  It’s a free download and includes free trial licenses.  When it’s available, you’ll find it here, labeled “GeoStudio 2007” in the “Download or Evaluate” section.