147_4767.jpgNo, not “cat food poisoning”; “cat food poisoning“.  We had ground beef yesterday and I put the butcher’s paper it was wrapped in into the garbage.  Today when we got back from church the paper was in the middle of the kitchen floor and Minuit is throwing up every few minutes.  😦  I wish I could be sick like her though:  in between throwing up, she’s acting perfectly normal, doesn’t look sick at all.

Update on Monday:  I take that back, I don’t want to be sick like her.  Last night she grew so weak she could barely stand, lost all interest in eating, barely acknowleded our presence when we touched her, staggered (with assistance) to her water bowl and just lay in it with her paws and face right in the water.  She’s now at the 24 hour vet and they’re not yet sure she’s going to make it.  The doctor doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her, he says these symptoms are way too extreme and too fast to be food poisoning from raw meat, but we can’t think of anything else she could have eaten or done that would cause this.  We’ll update you when we know more.

Update on Tuesday:  Minuit died Monday morning.  It’s still a mystery what happened.  All symptoms point to poisoning (like drugs or rat poison, not food poisoning) but we can’t think where she would have come in contact with a poison.  We took the kids to see her after she had died, and Shana spent most of the afternoon crying her heart out, poor girl.  She’s over it now, and we’re having some good talks about life and death.  Kenan knows Minuit isn’t coming back, but isn’t too concerned about it.

Cash donations will be accepted in lieu of catnip.