This past Sunday our pastor challenged us to give something up for Lent, though on a much smaller scale than typical.  Baby steps, you know!  He asked everyone to give something up for one day, something we hold to too tightly, like a meal, a TV show, email; and to spend the time instead with God, praying, reading the Bible, meditating, whatever works for us.

I’ll spare you the details of my own lenten choices, but one thing that came to mind rather unexpectedly while praying was Shana, and a desire to have some really special one-on-one time with her.  She so often gets ignored simply because Kenan is more demanding of our energy.

The rest of the day I was trying to think of fun daddy-daughter activity we could do this week, but God had it all figured out for me already.  I got home a bit on the early side, and Helen and Kenan had gone down for a nap a bit on the late side, so when Shana heard me come in she came running over with a big smile on her face.  She showed me her new stuffed animals, we filled the bird feeder together and played in the back yard, then rode bikes in the driveway (with Kenan who had woken up by then).  And Shana kept repeating, with the biggest smile ever, “Daddy, you came home at just the right time, because Mommy and Kenan were still sleeping!”

🙂  Thank you God for small prayers answered!