We had the opportunity to see the Alberta Ballet’s performance of Cinderella.  Shana’s school got tickets for a very affordable price, it was a student matinee during the day.  Nate took off of work and we went with friends from our small group, Waverly and Liam and their Mom, Denise.  It was completely professional, the same show other evening theatre-goers spent big bucks to see.  Shana’s favorite dancer was Cinderella and the ball-goer in the yellow dress.  Kenan’s favorite was ‘the boy in blue’ but I’m not sure what he means by that.  He also said he likes the Prince and the Grand Duke.  Actually, the Grand Duke was my favorite too.  When we read the synopsis in the program, however, he turned out to be a Jester!  I think the Grand Duke is a Disney addition to the story.  Nate liked the father, he had a very small part, did not even dance I don’t think, but he had presence, Nate says.  We  really enjoyed the chance to see something of this caliber and and I tried to teach Kenan that boys can do ballet too.