Sigh.  Our computer has chosen to vacation without us.  It’s physically with us but unresponsive.  So no more blog updates until we’re back home.

We have a Dell Inspiron 5150, which (we find out now) is notorious for overheating and melting components around the power supply.  Dell U.S. recently settled a class action lawsuit by offering to pay for repairs to all their customers, but since we bought ours through Dell Canada, we’re still stuck.  Dell said they would fix it by replacing the motherboard (with a new but still poorly-designed one) for $500.  Instead we opted to send it to Absolute Raleigh, a shop in North Carolina that fixes this exact problem regularly for less.  When we got it back it worked for a couple of days, then quit powering on.  You hit the power button and the power light just blinks for a few seconds, then goes dead.  I’m trying to get back in touch with Absolute Raleigh to see what’s up, but of course this had to happen over Christmas…!

I’m not too impressed with Dell at the moment.  And trying to decide if we continue to put money into this laptop or get a new one (or be happy with just our desktop).