We took it easy Sunday.  Hung out at the Wycliffe apartment, went swimming, read books, recouperated from the trip.  Mom dropped by in the afternoon, gave us supper and our cell phone.  Roy & Becky and family dropped by briefly to say hello.


Monday was our official “visit Wycliffites” day.  The kids enjoyed the Word Spring museum–lots of interactive exhibits for them, and lots of real information for us adults.


Met the Bruneaus at the cafe across the hall for lunch and swapped Canada stories.  Kenan thought George was Santa Claus–apparently it was “hat day” in his office.


The Thomas the Train set we’re borrowing from the Eyres is a mixed blessing–the kids love it, but they’re having more trouble than usual sharing!



Tuesday was Eyre Day – another visit with the Eyres, a bit longer than on Sunday but still fairly rushed as Christmas season is here, with all its events, and the Eyres are happenin’ people!  🙂  But we managed to squeeze in an afternoon and dinner, get caught up on each other, and let our kids get over their shyness (in about 30 seconds).  I don’t think Shana ever stopped laughing at Aidan and Cotter’s antics.



Tonight is cleanup night:  laundry, repack everything, baths for the kids (blogging for me so I get out of some of it–I’m no dummy!), and tomorrow we’re off to Sanibel Island for a week at the beach.