I did a test the last couple of weeks, and those tree-huggers don’t know what they’re talking about

One week I drove as I normally do: not overly aggressive but generally feeling like I have to rush and certainly not trying to save on gas.  I measured my gas mileage after one week of that normal driving:  24 mpg (in our new Suzuki Aerio, though strangely that’s the same mileage we get in our much older and roomier and heavier and more powerful Nissan Altima).  It was a typical week for me.  The vast majority of the driving was around a 15 km commute to the Bow River in the morning with my bike on the roof rack, and back in the evening, with a few errands on the weekend and the occasional evening.

The next week I used all the tips I could to lower my gas mileage:

  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Coast to stops long before the red light or congestion.
  • Accelerate slowly.
  • Watch traffic ahead to drive at a steady pace.
  • Use larger roads with few stop lights or stop signs.

The result:  24 mpg.

No change whatsoever.  I’m back to my usual driving habits.