• There are a surprising number of other cyclists, joggers and walkers crazy enough to be out at 6 am in -11 degree weather.
  • Two layers on the legs and four on the torso is just about the right mix.
  • Two layers on the hands is not enough!
  • My right hand has worse circulation than my left.
  • Helmets don’t keep your head warm.  A thin hat would have been nice.  (I had ear muffs but nothing on the top of the head.)
  • The homeless man who’s usually sleeping next to a pedestrian bridge on my route must have decided to use a homeless shelter last night.
  • A red light on the back of your helmet does not make you more visible!  Put it on your seat post.  A light on your backpack is hardly better, it’s always pointing off in the wrong direction.  (Mine’s on my seat post.)
  • A thin layer of snow can hide some nasty icy patches!
  • I haven’t needed them yet, but one of these days I’m going to be very appreciative of the fence by the curve at the bottom of the hill overlooking the river!
  • Breathing through a muffler is actually quite toasty warm!  I’m still using the same red knitted muffler I had as a kid, the one with a line of blue yarn added as an afterthought to differentiate it from my brother’s.