Some comments from the kids on their way home after waving goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa (who gave them each a personal photo album and some toy (but metal!) pots and pans):

Shana said,

I’m sure glad Gramma put a picture of Kipper in my photo al-vum. 

They sure got some good shots!

They sure got a good picture of Kipper!

[…something about missing Grandma and Grandpa…]  I’m glad they gave us some stuff to remember them! 

How did they take the picture of Grandma and Grandpa together?  [I told her some one else must have taken it.]  Yeah, they must have had someone over. 

Kenan said,

[out of nowhere]  Goodbye Gramma and Granpa. 

We’ll miss you  – Granpa  –   and Gramma

They had tons of fun banging the pots and pans around, Kenan on the window!  (is that OK?)  And when they got home immediately set to work making eggs and soup and scooping up the little finger puppets in the soup scooper.