We’re enjoying our new church, and trying to figure out how much spare energy we have to try to get involved.  The kids are loving it, and that makes it very nice for us.  Shana loved her Sunday School class right from the start (though that didn’t surprise us).  Kenan has never been in SS his whole life, or even nursery, because our previous church was so small we were meeting in someone’s home, and he just sat and played in the living room with us while we talked around him.  So our first few weeks at a real church we had to sneak out of the classroom when he had his back turned, and he’d cry for a few minutes and then of course be fine.  But last week he ran ahead of me down the hall to his room and barely knew I was there while I signed him in.  This week the same thing with Helen.  So I’d say he’s adopted the group.  🙂

Today they had a “welcome Sunday”, where they had booths out for their various ministries, and hotdogs and ice cream and cotton candy for everyone after the service.  And a jumping tent, which made Shana grow up:  you only get 10 people in the tent at a time, for five minutes, then you go stand at the back of the 20-minute long line again.  I did that once for Shana and Kenan, then told them I wasn’t going to do it again, but that Shana could stand in it by herself if she wanted.  Well that was way too scary for her, but she suggested “maybe I could find a friend to stand with me…”  “Sure,” I said.  And off she went, my precious little four-year-old (well, five next week), wandering through this huge crowd of strangers in search of a friend.  A few minutes later I saw her in line with another girl from her SS class, laughing and talking.  Gulp!  She’s grown up!

We forgot to bring the camera of course, so no pictures, but it was a beautiful fall day, warm and clear.  The trees are starting to turn yellow and drop their leaves already.  I think they were just waiting for September 1st.